Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage:  $45

30 minute therapeutic massage focusing on one or two problem areas. Therapeutic techniques such as neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy used in areas of concern to help reduce pain, discomfort and help facilitate the healing process.

60 Minute Massage:  $70

60 minute full body relaxation or therapeutic massage, using Swedish massage techniques and more deep work with therapeutic techniques in areas of concern. Massage helps to aid in stress reduction.    

90 Minute Massage:  $100

90 minutes of relaxation massage. Full body treatment using Swedish massage and therapeutic techniques. Massage helps aid in stress reduction.

15 Minute Massage:  $25

(This is only for Pre/Post Adjustment)
15 minutes before an adjustment helps to loosen tight muscles allowing for a better adjustment or 15 minutes after an adjustment allows muscles to relax and sustain the improved alignment of joints

Add on Oils or Hot Stone/Salt Rock:  $15

*Subscriptions are available, please inquire in office. 

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